Friday Favorites

It really is Friday?  Yes, it really is Friday.

My week flew by — almost as fast as that bird that flew into our window the other day.  Hilarious.

Mama Goods:

Kat Von D lipstick.

[photo taken from ellecanada website]

Little known fact about me. Kat von D pretty much cut me off in her really awesome Bentley in LA 2 summers ago. This is true. We were driving on Sunset Blvd, myself and a couple friends (Cenone was there). We were minding our own business when all of a sudden a girl with super bright red hair in a really sweet car pulls up next to us. It was Kat von D. We of course get pretty excited (I might really envy her tattoos and hair…) and snap a picture. Oh, how I wish I could find that picture. Anyway, we snap a pic which is kinda blurry because she speeds off. yeah, she speeds off so she can get right in front of us! Anyway, even though she may be an aggressive driver, her lipstick rocks.

I get it at Sephora and have 2 shades — one red and one purple. I LLLLOVE them.

Avent Hand Pump:

[photo from]

I have a friend named Deb. Deb moved away (kind of…her kids no longer go to school with my kids) but I occasionally chat with her via Facebook. Oh, and when I did Don Adam’s fundraiser last year? She called and said she wanted to donate a few things. Anyway, Deb is so great. She read a status I had put up on Facebook about breastpumps. She saw that I was having issues and do you know what she did? She called me. She called to give me advice and to hear what was going on and to offer support. THAT is a good person! She went through the same thing with one of her babies (she has 3 adorable ones) and said that the Avent hand pump worked really well for her. I went out 20 minutes after she called me to buy one. She was right, it works really well. Plus side? It’s only, like, $20. So for those of you who have to pump occasionally and not exclusively, buy this and try it out.

Jolt Jeans:

[photo from girlsteenclothing . com]

I am not fat, but I am definitely not the size 2/4 I was 10 years ago. 4 kids have done a number on my 5’2” body. What sucks is that things just don’t really look that great on me. Sure, maybe if I worked out like a celebrity and watched what I ate really closely I could go back to those tiny sizes…but to be honest I don’t have time. Whatever extra time I have, I am doing photo things or blogging. True story. But I was up at Nordy’s a while ago and bought a pair of Jolt skinny jeans. Ooooooh I love them. They aren’t painted on (they aren’t jeggings), but they aren’t baggy either. Usually jeans fit my tummy but not my legs. So they are fine around the waist but super big and baggy around the legs. Anyway, for $30, not bad.

Kids’ Goods:

Peek…Aren’t You Curious:

[photo from peek website]

I have shared about Peek before. About how they started selling their things to Nordstrom and I was upset because I knew other kids would start wearing the same clothes my kids do, when really I was one of the first in the valley to even come across Peek! But I’ve come to terms with it and I’ve gone back to buying Peek clothes. Know why? Because they are the best. And if I were you, I’d head on over to their website and take a look at their sale. Their “Peek Essentials” line could not be any more perfect. Come look in Charlotte’s closet and you will see how much I love their stuff. The “Happy Pants?” Charlotte has 5 pair. “Essential Tee?” A few. The adorable plain dress? Pink and grey. I can’t stay away from them when they are on sale because it’s such a good deal for really cute and comfortable stuff! I wish they had an adult sized happy pant!!

Hanna Andersson Booties:

[photo taken from HA website]

I told you a couple days ago I was gonna put these as a Friday Favorite, and I don’t lie. These are my all-time favorite baby shoes. They are like super thick socks – so comfortable and warm, but they have a leather bottom so they can walk around and be somewhat protected, too. Right now they are only $12 on the HA website. Buy now and thank me later. You’re welcome.

Family Stuff:


I was very hesitant to add this to my favorites list. Why? Because I’m selfish. I want this awesome holiday card maker place to myself. My friend Jennie and I are the only people I know who have used Minted and every time we do, we get crazy awesome compliments. Yes, they are that cute, that unique and that awesome. They have SO many different options and pricing options. You can spend only a little over $1 per card, or you can spend $4.00 a card. But either way, you get a really great product. Instead of sending out a Christmas letter with a paragraph for each child, I just choose a card from Minted that has a photo option for each child and then write a blurb about them under the picture. Minted sends me a proof of what the card will look like after it’s printed, I okay it, and I get them a week later. LLLLOVE. This is one thing each year that I splurge on and I never regret it.



I don’t have a picture for this, but here is her link: STYLEBERRYBLOG

She is such an awesome blogger. First of all, she is an amazing photographer. What I love about her is that she so obviously puts her daughter first — which is what I am trying to do with my photography. I love taking pictures of other people and their families, no doubt, but I want the majority of my “work” to be of my own kids. Secondly, she’s fashion. Yep….totally fashion. I want her to do a regular WIWW because I will try and copy everything she wears. Thirdly, she’s crafty. Go search on her website for ruffle pillows and you will instantly want to be her friend. Be her friend who she gives lots of fun presents to. (I want a ruffle pillow). Fourthly (is that a word?) her “MOtherhood is:” project is really great. I just might ‘copy’ it next year and try something similar.  I’m not obsessed with her (I’m not that crazy), but I do know a good thing when I see it.  And styleberry is good.

She also just launched a new product: StylebabyLOG

If she would have had this when I was pregnant with Charlotte, I would have purchased one for sure. So for any of you new or pregnant moms, I’d totally check it out.

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